Expert Environmental Consulting Services for the Telecommunications & Tower Industry:

Since the Telecommunications Act was passed in 1996, the industry has seen a major evolution of the efforts needed to comply with environmental regulations during and after deployment and development. For over twenty years, DEA has worked within the industry helping to create feasible solutions for environmental compliance. We have also worked with telecommunications clients, assisting them in developing, and then implementing, their corporate environmental policies.

DEA has been working with tower companies, wireless carriers, broadcasting companies, TURF and BTS vendors since 1993, having completed Environmental Due Diligence and NEPA Assessments for thousands of site locations throughout the country involving virtually every conceivable type of physical location, and encountering a multitude of varying environmental situations.

Understanding the Clients requirements and those of the Federal Communication Commission and other reviewing agencies are key to efficiently and cost effectively completing the required work. DEA strives to work “with” our Clients and “with” the reviewing agencies and by having strong working relationships with SHPO offices, Tribes, USFWS and others, we are successful in achieving the Client’s goals.

DEA provides timely and cost efficient expert analysis for all areas of environmental regulatory compliance and we have the experience and expertise to address any of the issues that may arise for a given tower location.

DEA provides a full range of professional environmental services that may be required by Telecommunications and Tower companies.