Our Cornerstones

Experience • Commitment • Quality • Innovation

  • We will always draw on our collective experience. DEA personnel will always strive to further their, and the company’s experience and expertise through personal and technical growth.
  • DEA commits to providing Clients with the best service and work product possible. DEA is committed to providing employees with a work environment that is enjoyable, stable, and promotes successful work products and personal growth. Each employee will commit, through responsible and measurable actions of hard work, diligence, and participation, to the success and growth of the company, their coworkers, and themselves.
  • Constant innovation is a key factor in success. Each DEA member is integral to a practice of continuous improvement, by continuously striving to help improve how things are done, the quality of our work product, and our overall work environment.
  • One of our greatest strengths is the unquestionable integrity of the company. Honesty and honor are held with the highest regard.


Our Mission Statement

We will continuously ascend as leaders in our field.
We will provide expert counsel, support, and innovative solutions.


We will achieve this by:

  • Being completely committed to succeed as a team.
  • Encouraging and rewarding personal growth.
  • Committing ourselves to remain at the front of technological advances.
  • Always acting in our client’s best interests.
  • Treating employees, clients, and vendors with fairness, honesty, and integrity.
  • Setting and achieving very aggressive goals.
  • Being profitable in our endeavors.

This commitment is supported by our believing:

  • Each individual is part of the team. Success depends on everyone.
  • Nothing less than excellence is acceptable.
  • Commitment and achievement must be rewarded.