DEA has the experience and expertise to address the environmental issues of Commercial and Industrial Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Legal Counsel. The range of environmental needs vary greatly and each Client can expect complete dedication to providing cost-effective and technically sound solutions. Understanding the Clients requirements and those of the reviewing agencies are key to efficiently and cost effectively completing the required work. DEA strives to work “with” our Clients and “with” the reviewing agencies and, through the establishment of good working relationships, we are successful in achieving the Client’s goals.

Commercial and Industrial

DEA is dedicated to meeting the environmental needs of the private sector, from small family-owned businesses to large corporations. We will help evaluate your obligations established by a complex regulatory framework, and then work with you to develop an effective strategy for compliance. Whether the project involves a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a real property acquisition, operational and compliance audits, or complex permitting, enforcement or remediation issues, DEA has the solutions. In addition, we offer our Clients assistance developing, implementing, and maintaining a variety of programs to prevent pollution, minimize waste generation, address disposal issues, and maintain safe and compliant petroleum and hazardous substance storage and use.

Financial Institutions

DEA has been providing Due Diligence assistance to financial institutions for over 20 years. We serve our financial clients not only by conducting standard Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, but by also assisting in a complete evaluation of the potential environmental risk associated with an asset. We do not provide legal advice but we work closely with attorneys and stay abreast of developments related to Lender Liability and the Innocent Landowner Defense, in order to provide accurate information to our clients. Working “with” our financial clients, we identify the need and then provide the solution. Often times, a Phase I ESA will be sufficient to assess an asset, while other times a more comprehensive assessment of the potential environmental risk may be required and may include operational auditing or other investigations.

Legal Counsel

Often the responsibility of addressing environmental issues falls to legal counsel. DEA has years of experience working with law firms and corporate attorneys. We understand that when recommending a consultant to a client, not only are your client’s interests at stake, but so is your reputation. Following the DEA philosophy of working “with” our Clients, we understand the need to provide you and our mutual Client with sound, technical environmental consulting services, leaving the legal opinions and interpretations in your hands. Our experience in matters involving mergers/acquisitions, litigation support, and enforcement proceedings, enable DEA to efficiently and effectively address your environmental needs.