About Us

DEA was founded in order to provide high quality professional environmental services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. DEA is a full-service, results oriented, environmental consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with complete solutions to their environmental concerns.

Our multi-disciplinary firm is comprised of professionals who are well respected in their areas of expertise. The combined experience of the engineers, scientists, archaeologists, preservationists, and environmental consultants, enable us to complete complex projects thoroughly and efficiently.

As a result of our unique structure, our personnel work together as peers, not as leaders and followers. Too often in today’s environmental marketplace, projects are conducted by inexperienced staff level people with minimal first hand attention by senior personnel. This does not happen at DEA as each project, regardless of size, receives the direct attention of senior level personnel. In order to maintain this structure, each individual in the firm has to be dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients as well as achieving success for the firm.

What we have proven to our Clients is that “Experience, Commitment, Quality, Innovation” are truly the core principles that every member of DEA follows and that our Mission Statement is a true reflection of our business philosophy. There is no company that exceeds our dedication, level of customer service, degree of attention by senior personnel, or level of effort given by DEA on all projects. What distinguishes DEA is, not only our commitment, but our proven ability to resolve any environmental concern.